Moneybookers is the Best Online Payment Receiving, Sending & Debit-Credit Card processing option for Internet purchases from world wide countries and Selling of products and Services to International Customers from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Today I am going to share some useful information about money matters and available world wide online money and credit/debit cards processing platforms, their availability in developing countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, legal matters and best option for Online payment, services charges receiving and selling goods, products and services to world wide customers just from your home in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

First I want to talk about PayPal which is not available for Pakistani freelance workers and ecommerce business although Pakistan has a strong ecommerce base, Credit/debit card users and almost all Pakistani Banks offering online Internet banking But due to none availability of some laws and support of Pakistani government we are still not able either to sell our services, products and other goods to world wide customers nor we can buy any thing from cost of companies who offer PayPal as a payment method.

If Pakistani Finance Minister and State Bank of Pakistan put some attention and make sure availability of Online Payment Gateway I am sure Pakistani business mans and IT professionals can earn a handsome amount of foreign reserve each month and will transfer it to Pakistan.

Currently almost 75% of International online service and products buyers and customers feel confident by paying with their PayPal account and I have faced problems and lost business of thousands dollars in the past year only because of none availability of PayPal here in Pakistan.
But finally I have found a solution and now I am using legal ID of my brother in law and signup for a PayPal account from Australia.

But its too risky for me I always need to operate my PayPal account by some proxy software’s direct from My relative computer because if PayPal detect my IP address then they will block my account and reserve my funds, and my brother in law must also cooperate with me for sending the amount by western union to me to Pakistan.

Now you think that does some one have that much time in a foreign country for managing my business or company PayPal financial matters and the big point is that Should I trust on him for withdrawing or depositing thousands of dollars a month, Definitely you will say no.

Finally after goggling and many researches about several available online Payment and credit/debit card processing gateways I have found moneybookers  as a best payment solution for Pakistanis, Afghans and for all other countries where PayPal is not available.

Moneybookers is an electronic money licence holder company of United Kingdom with having registered offices in UK on the following Addresses


Moneybookers Ltd., London, Registered in England and Wales no 4260907.
Registered office: Welken House, 10-11 Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6EH, United Kingdom.
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom (FSA).

It offer both money matter solutions for customers and businesses, first I have signed up as a normal user for a normal account its procedure is so simple just click on the following link

(or just copy and past the above link to your browser address bar it will redirect you instantly to the moneybookers signup form.

Provide your accurate details and signup after doing a few simple steps and then you will be on your way for purchasing online products on internet from any any country and website which support moneybookers payments.

Currently moneybookers support more then 200 countries and local currencies for detail benefits, policies, fee structure, terms and conditions please click on the following banner or copy past the URL to your browser address bar.

If you are a business man, manufacturer or services provider and want to offer your products and services to world customers please contact us by our official website we will help you for registration of a Business Merchant account , integrate it to your existing static or dynamic official website or if you don’t know how to sell and market your products online our technical and internet Marketing professional at BeOnline Solutions Inc waiting to hear from you.

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 (Written By CEO BeOnline Solutions Inc Mr. Sayed Karim)


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